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Updated: 11 April, 2011



The Light32 simulator

The Light 32 is a great looking economical cockpit simulator. It is a compact system and comes with three 32 inch displays. The design is very representative and glossy with polyester and aluminium components. It is especially suitable when available space is limited. The dimensions of the 32 model are 1.92 x 1.50 meter (w x l).

Light32 driving simulator



32 inch display system

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- cockpit with all control actuators of high quality
- dynamic force feedback steering wheel 36 cm diameter
- pedals of high quality and excellent feel
- stylish cockpit made of aluminium and polyester
- 3 graphics channels and 3 simulated mirrors, can be extended
- 200 degrees horizontal field of view
- adjustable car seat
- 2 quad core PC's
- 3 x 32" LCD displays plus 19" monitor
- laserprinter
- resolution 1920x1080 (HD) centra display and 1360x768 left and right displays
- graphical framerate 60 Hz
- 2.1 sound system (sub woofer below carseat)
- buttons for power and start instead of ignition key
- no safety belt
- windows 7 operating system
- full software licence including virtual instructor, student assessment system and record/replay