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Updated: 11 April, 2011



The MicroMobile23 simulator

The Micro Mobile 23 simulator is a high quality and low cost system, particularly suited for eco-driving but also for traffic training and driver training in high schools. The 3 x 23 inch monitors are attached to a frame on the base platform. The system includes the software, databases and 26 lessons for driver training. The dimensions of the 23 model are 1.50 x 1.50 meter (w x l).



Micro Mobile 23

23 inch display system

Specially suitable for schools

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- Comfortable adjustable car seat
- logitech G27 steeringwheel with force feedback and 5-gear shifter
- 36 cm diameter car steeringwheel with indicator/light switch (Citroën) connected to the steeringwheel
- high quality brake pedal, clutch and accelerator
- 3 graphics channels + 3 mirrors
- 1 quad core PC + videosplitter
- 3 x 23" widescreen tft displays plus 19" monitor
- resolution 3 x 1440 x 900
- graphical ramerate 30 Hz
- stereo soundsystem
- windows 7 operating system
- aluminium frames for connecting the 3 rendering displays
- mobile system: on platform with wheels
- full software licence including virtual instructor